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Association Mary

To create and diagram graphic pieces with images, texts and drawings, to compose the actions of promotion and dissemination of initiatives, projects and programs of the Maria Association.

Organize and mobilize people and resources for audiovisual productions.
Support and facilitate audiovisual production flows.
Operate video camera in video productions.
Various tasks of audiovisual production.
Creating scripts for audio and video pieces.
Sync and embed subtitles on videos.
Select images from the audiovisual collection.

Assemble and edit audiovisual pieces.

Divine messages in english:

Revision of text and proofreading

Italian Language:

Translate texts from portuguese and/or spanish into Italian.

Produce informative notes for the site, press releases and journalistic coverage of the initiatives, projects and programs of the Maria Association.
Perform photographic coverage, selection, treatment and organization of images of the initiatives, projects and programs of the Maria Association.

To create, manage and execute publicity campaigns focused on strengthening the institutional image and promoting and disseminating initiatives, projects and programs of the Maria Association.

Edit and mix multitrack audio.
Make audio recordings in audio-visual productions.

Spanish Language:

To review orthography and grammatically texts in Spanish. 

Translation of texts in Portuguese into Spanish.


Computer technician

Preferably Xamarin or Ionic.
  • Map, design and optimize business processes;
  • Standardize activities;
  • Identify functions;
  • Support the configuration of processes in the management system.
Software tester
  • Ruby on Rails;
  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • Bootstrap.

FFHI - Fraternidade Federação Humanitária Internacional


Organization of recorded materials for the production of a soundtrack.

Create solutions through visual communication projects that meet the needs of the Federation. Work in graphic projects that involve both print and digital.

Search, research, write and transmit news through the media (newspapers, magazines, radio stations, internet, television, etc.).

Responsible for working with the production of texts and advertising materials, performing process control in the area. In order for the professional to perform well as a copywriter beyond graduation, it is essential that he / she have good writing and knowledge of communication.

Assist the Communication Coordinator in matters related to the communication and dissemination of the Federation and the implementation of information programs. Monitor the media with information on the administrative actions of the Federation; Advise the Coordinator on matters related to the agenda (meetings, schedules, events, etc.).

Video editing: Receive the raw material (the recording without cuts) polish that material, that is, eliminate the defects, cut the excesses, structure the sequence of scenes and assemble the final video so that it has continuity, maintaining the meaning and context of events.

FMHI - Fraternidade Missões Humanitárias Internacionais


Assist the Coordinator in matters relating to Humanitarian Missions, in the implementation of information programs, in matters relating to the agenda (meetings, times, events, etc.), assist people and suppliers, organize files, write documents, assist in administrative, control processes quality, and information.

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